Common Questions

Do you hold my crypto?

No we do not. Your cryptocurrency is stored on the exchange.

What exchange do you use?

We use the excellent binance exchange.

Is there a minimum crypto amount required to start?

We typically recommend at least $500 and for the best start and distribution of funds. Though it can work with as little as $200 in crypto.

Do you have access to my funds?

We only have trading access to your funds. Which means we can make trades, but not withdraws. This helps keep your crypto secure and safe.

How often do you rebalance?

We will rebalance once monthly. Any more than that it tends to be overkill, and maybe hurting the long term gains. Plus it keeps trading fees limited.

I don't currently own any crypto. How do I get started?

Getting started with crypto is easy but can be overwhelming to some. We'll walk you through step by step how to get started.

1. Buying your first crypto.

Let's head to to buy your first cold hard crypto. Signup and create your account and head to the buy/sell page.

Buying options:
- (Recommended) Bank Transfer ACH: Low fee ($7 for $500), but longer transfer time. (Anywhere from 2-14 days)
- Bank Wire: high fee, ($10, plus any bank fees)
- Debit card / Credit card: high fee (4%, plus bank fees) Use a debit card if possible to reduce any extra bank fees.

Some banks are still unsure about the crypto space and may charge additional fees, or prevent the transfer all together. Just a heads up.

2. Signup for Binance account.

Your funds will ultimately need to be stored on a binance account, for storage and for us to trade your funds.
Head to Binance to signup for an account. Once you've signed up come back here for the next step.

3. Transferring your crypto

Depending on the option you choose for payment you may need to wait for this step if your crypto isn't available for sending. We'll now move your crypto from your account to your Binance account.

1. Go to your Binance Deposits page.

2. Select bitcoin for deposit address

3. Use the copy address button to grab your Binance bitcoin address.

4. Send a TEST AMOUNT of $5.
ALWAYS ALWAYS send a test amount before sending large amounts in crypto. Because crypto is permanent if you mess up the address you'll effectively lose your money, and theres no way to get it back. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED :)

5. Verify your Bitcoin transaction on Binance.
It will say 'pending' for 10 to 20 mins as the blockchain confirms the transaction. Once it says completed, you're ready to go to the next step.

Now you're ready to send your $500 or larger amount over to Binance.
Repeat step 4, and send over the rest of the funds you'd like to send. Once you've done this, go to step 6.

6. Next we'll generate your APl key to provide to Coinboy.
This will allow us to make trades on your behalf of your account.

Let's go to your account page & click on 'API Settings' or 'Enable' under the API area.

7. Create new API Key
For easy tracking use 'coinboy'. But you can use any other name as well.

8.Setup your API
Use the following guide to generate your API key.

Ensure you have  "Enabled Trading" checked and "Enable Withdraws" unchecked. We don't need, nor want withdraw access to your account.

8. Add exchange on coinboy
Head over to the coinboy app, login and create a new exchange.
Copy API key and Secret key into the corresponding fields when creating an exchange.

You're all set now! Any time you want to add funds to your binance account simply repeat the steps 3 - 5.

Don't waste another night stressed over crypto.

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